A little about some of our target species:


murray cod

Murray Cod are the 'river monsters' of Australia's Murray Darling Basin river system. A powerful fish with a large mouth and protruding lower jaw, Murray Cod vary in colour from cream to olive green colour with dark grey to greenish blotches over the head and body. They are voracious feeders and predators, with a diet that may include other fish, crustaceans, water birds, frogs, turtles and terrestrial animals such as mice and snakes. 

Murray Cod have a reported maximum growth potential of Murray Cod of about 1.8 m and 113 kg, with fish in excess of 20 kg considered exceptional in Lake Burley Griffin.


golden perch

Golden Perch, also known as yellowbelly, goldens, yellas or callop, naturally inhabit the Murray-Darling river system and are regularly stocked in Canberra's local lakes.

Adult Goldens are commonly measured at 40-50 cm in length and 5 kg in weight, and are bronze, olive green to brownish in colour overall with a yellow ventral surface. Golden Perch have been recorded up to 76 cm in length and 23 kg in weight. Golden's in excess of 3 kg are considered exceptional in Lake Burley Griffin. 



Carp are a large introduced freshwater fish which originated from central Asia. 

Carp are considered a pest throughout Australia as they may damage streams and affect populations of native fish, causing their decline. Competition for food, habitat and breeding sites are the major problems, however they are known carriers of the anchor worm, Lernaea cyprinacae, which can affect many native fish including large adult Murray Cod and the larvae of Golden Perch.

Unlike some states, it is not illegal to return Carp to the water in the ACT.