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Delighted to have Pro Lure on-board as a preferred partner. Pro Lure offer an excellent range of lures, and I rely on Pro Lures heavily whether I'm guiding in the fresh or the salt.  The SicVibe is a great lure for searching for goldens, and the Paddle Grub is one of my favourites for slow rolling around standing timber.

I'll generally use SicVibes and Paddle Grubs as part of a systematic approach when I'm trying to unlock the bite; however, I've found the absolute stand out in the range is the Live Yabbie - it's a special for just about any fish swimming in the estuaries and the freshwater of NSW. I've found it to be especially effective in areas with either no or minimal water movement and fishing with a 'stay in touch and do next to nothing' retrieve.  

Bay and Basin Sport Fishing


Bay and Basin Sports Fishing offer guided fishing tours on the NSW coast less than two and half hours’ drive from Canberra. Bay and Basin Sports Fishing offer a 5.6 m vessel fitted out to operate on Jervis Bay and the nearby inshore & offshore waters, targeting everything from drummer to kingfish to billfish. They also operate a 5m vessel fitted out for fishing the beautiful estuaries of the Shoalhaven region, and particularly the waters of St Georges Basin, or ‘The Basin’ as it is affectionately known. The Basin has long been a declared recreation fishing haven (i.e. no commercial fishing), is one of the two sites selected for the NSW Fisheries Trophy Flathead Tagging Program, and is well known as the place in Australia to catch a monster Flathead!

Why do we partner with Bay and Basin Sports Fishing?

Easy - fabulous location, great service, and great guides (including our very own Brett Richards from time to time) and most importantly, we share a similar ethos on catch and release fishing and working towards ensuring that all recreational anglers practice sustainable fishing.


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