Lake Burley Griffin Fish Survey 2017

The Lake Burley Griffin Fish Survey 2017 has been completed, and the final report made available by the NCA. Some quite interesting reading in the report, which is viewable here:

As a lay person, I think the report paints a very positive picture, although I note the concern over the potentially unsuccessful 2015 stocking of Golden Perch, which could leave a noticeable gap in stocks in future years.

Recommendations contained in the report include:
• Continue the stocking on an annual basis alternating between Golden Perch and
Murray Cod. Include a gap year only if it can increase funds for later fish stocking. 
• Stock largest numbers possible and or investigate pre-release predator training to
improve survival. 
• Undertake periodic boat electrofishing surveys every 5 years to determine
effectiveness of stocking and changes in the fish community. 
• Education and enforcement of recreational anglers to increase the sustainability of
fishery and reduce likelihood of pest introductions. 
• Investigate improvement to the fish habitat within the lake and upstream.

Tight lines!